Hopscotch — “Emotion”
Exclusive Dark Beauty Magazine Release

Directed by Dani Beyond Be — Hopscotch is the latest creative voice for Angela LaBaw, an Oakland based voice artist, electronic producer, and performer (formerly known as "Anahata Sound"). With tour experience in North America, Canada, Europe, Egypt, Australia and numerous festivals internationally, Hopscotch knows her way around a stage. With 2 studio albums to her credit, and a formal education in voice, violin, jazz history, music theory and theater to go with her B.A. from Art Institute of Seattle in Music Production & Engineering, she also knows her way around a studio. Coming off of 7000 plays in one week on her latest release "Emotion," Hopscotch curates listeners' journey through the best history of vocal electronic music, while consistently setting the bar for what's "next" in production caliber. As Hopscotch, she fuses all of those performance energies into a character driven expression that simultaneously invites and inspires her audience. Always asking, "are you ready?"

Hopscotch - Emotion REMIX Contest

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